What if…

what if

Something you always think “what if…” about.

A chance to rewrite a blog that got lost in cyber space. So a slight deviation from the assignment, let’s talk about the what if up-game again!

I know a lot of people struggle with “What if…” thoughts, but they usually go the wrong way. I do too. Worrying about negative outcomes, and if I play the what-if-down game long enough, eventually I don’t try anything and stay tightly in my comfort zone. What if I try, and it doesn’t work? What will people think of me if I speak my mind or dare to be different? What if I get hurt again? What if I make the same mistake again? What if I screw up?

But what if all those things don’t happen? What if I don’t screw up? What if making mistakes isn’t the end of the world? What if making mistakes is part of life and learning? What if I learn from my mistake and don’t make the same one again? What if I don’t get hurt and what if I find out that I actually like it? What if they do like me for who I am? What if I try and do succeed? Isn’t that a much more fun game? It opens doors where I tried to close them before, broadens my perspective and gives me more breathing room, more courage to try something new.

What if I read this blog several times to remind me to play the what-if-up game more often? How will my world change then? Let’s find out!

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