Weathering the storm


Sometimes clouds are just fuzzy fluffies in an otherwise blue sky.
Sometimes you can see the clouds foreboding on the horizon.
Sometimes that’s where they stay and eventually go away.
Sometimes they move closer and there’s nothing you can do to stop them from eventually hanging over you, doing what clouds do and blocking your light.
Sometimes they rain and clear not only the air but also the earth.
Sometimes they don’t shed a drop and just hang there gloomily.
Sometimes you don’t see them coming at all and all of a sudden they’re upon you and you don’t know where they came from, but your day is less bright none the less.
And while sometimes one cloud can come after another and there doesn’t seem to be an end, eventually all clouds pass.
Sometimes rainbows appear and remind you that skies are not always gray and light is still there somewhere.
Eventually clear skies appear, allowing the light back in and the sun shining brightly helping to dry all that came out.

Sometimes thoughts are like clouds and you have to remember… They too will pass.

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