Spring, Nature’s New Year

Crocus in the sun

January 1st marks the beginning of the new calendar year in most Western countries, usually Christian in faith. And while I enjoy ringing in that New Year with a good ol’ party, the year usually still has a few dark and gloomy months ahead before Mother Nature wakes up and raises her pretty little flower heads above the surface. For me, that feels more like the real New Year, when I feel I can breathe a sigh of relief, that I survived another period of darkness and color returns to my own cheeks as blood starts gushing through my veins again with new vigor. Especially when Winter didn’t do its job right of being a real winter, with ice and snow and instead decided that winter should just be grey, wet and rainy.

When Spring is in the air I feel I come alive again, spreading my sleepy wings, sprouting new buds of ideas and plans spread like new leaves on the branches. This year especially I have been waiting for this moment to come, not just to give me a much needed energy boost, but also because -as loyal readers will remember- this is a special new beginning for me, a new beginning of me, being my authentic new self me. I can’t wait to feel myself resurface from my life’s Winter and poking my head through the surface, feeling the sun on my skin and growing stronger every day, blossoming into the person I was born to be(come). So hello Spring and Hello me!

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