Someone who inspires me

Write about someone who inspires me.

While there are many people who inspire me, Louise Hay, Elon Musk, Mikki Willis, Samy, … But today I want to talk about my mom.

My mom is about 5’2″, but she’s a grand lady in my book. She’s had some challenges in her life, but she still keeps facing life head on, saying “I’m not done here yet”. She’s the living proof that you’re never too old to do what you still want to do in life, to reinvent yourself or blow the dust off of parts you forgot were part of you. She does her own thing, dances like no one’s watching, … . She’s always there for everyone who’s dear to her to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. She won’t let any physical discomforts keep her down for long, keeps looking for ways to improve herself and her arms are always open if I’m in need of a hug or a shoulder. She’s seldom afraid to try something new. She’s inquisitive and creative. She’s a lover and a fighter, a mediator and an inspiration. She’s small, but brave, she’s funny, silly, wise and kind.

When people say that daughters grow up to be like their moms, I think I may have won the jackpot with mine.

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