Room for improvement

Write about an area in your life you’d like to improve.

There are many, and many are already in the process of improving. I could say bedtime, but I already tackled that one in the blog about struggles, so today I’ll talk about the area of my life where I manage my household more efficiently.

I’ve never been a domestic goddess, chores are not my forte, not even with a spoon full of sugar. I have bouts of them, where I do my name of Hurricane Anna proud and go around the house like a whirlwind and then the house will be tidy for a while and I like keeping it that way for a while, but then there comes an inevitable evening where I’m tired and just can’t be bothered to put things away right away and a mess is made in a nick of time.

Can someone tell me how a mess made in a nick of time is never cleaned up in a nick of time? I’m sure I’m using that phrase wrong too, but if you can do something in “the” nick of time, I’m sure you can do something else in that space of time too. Creative liberty and all, but I digress, just like I usually digress when I start a chore with glee. I find something else that needs my attention and by the end of the day a lot has been relocated, but not a lot has been actually cleaned up.

The pile of ironing is still there and if I need something to wear, I just let my body iron it while it’s on me. The dishes have improved now that I have a dishwasher, but anything that still needs doing by hand, will wait a long time before it gets to see some soap. Laundry happens quite frequently, otherwise what would I wear? Vacuuming might happen once a month, dusting twice a year? Let’s not even talk about the windows.

I’ll just keep saving till I can afford a housekeeper who will do it for me, hehehe. I don’t understand the people, who clean before the cleaning lady comes, because they’re embarrassed at what they’d find… In my case, they’d have their work cut out!


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