My top three pet peeves

What are your top three pet peeves?

This is a tough one, I have a lot of peeves and to select the three biggest… I guess, they are the following:

  1. Indifference: and I don’t mean having no opinion over small matters (although it does annoy me if you never had an opinion about anything, regardless of size or importance), I mean people who don’t care or show no interest about the bigger issues, like climate change or other people’s well being.
  2. Stupidity/ignorance: I’m not talking about people with less mental capacity than the average person, I’m talking about people with more than ample mental capabilities, who willfully choose to be stupid or do stupid things, or those who have little information or knowledge about a certain subject (by choice), but then will fight you on the matter they know nothing about. I have no issues with people who don’t know much about something, but are willing to learn about it. But to make the choice to stay ignorant because it suits you more or because you’re lazy… That irks me.
  3. Bullying/pranking: deriving pleasure from causing someone else suffering is something I just don’t get. I know I’ve not been able to prevent myself from laughing when someone else hurts themselves in a silly way, like stubbing their toe, but I would never intentionally cause them pain, be it physical or emotional.

Honorable mention: people who can’t drive in my opinion. I admit I have very limited patience when it comes to other drivers, but driving below the speed limit, break tapping, cutting in front of me, people practically bumpering me because I’m not passing someone fast enough, … These just grind my gears.

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