Lovey dovey


Think of any word and search it in google images. Write something inspired about the 11th image.

When I read the assignment, I really had to pee, but as that would be really silly, I decided to make peace with my bladder first and then search for peace on the internet. The above picture of a dove is the result. And what follows is the inspired association.

Lovey dovey building a nest,
lovey dovey wants the best,
lovey dovey carries a twig,
lovey dovey is thinking big.

A nest for the whole world,
with twigs straight and curled,
lots of feathers comfy and warm,
a shelter against any storm.

Storms of power, winds of change,
wider views of things familiar and strange,
a place of rest for everyone,
a place where no one’s lost and nobody won.

Lovey dovey has big dreams,
lovey dovey isn’t what she seems,
lovey dovey wants world peace,
lovey dovey says thank you, please.

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