Kicking *ss

Conversely, write about something that’s kicking ass right now.

Work is kicking my ass right now. What’s that, that’s not what you meant? Oh, sorry, my bad. But I guess, I’m kicking back too. You mean, what is going really well? Hmmm, my diet is going really well. There is no evidence whatsoever about that slice of pie I may or may not have had yesterday, you can’t prove a thing!

Writing these blogs is a kicking ass too. I’ve been keeping up really well, even with the ones I didn’t feel like writing (those were the ones kicking my ass and didn’t kick ass at all). After years of struggling to write a blog, I’m surprised at how easy it’s been since I did my first challenge in February. Apart from the small hiatus when my website temporarily disappeared in cyberspace due to human error, I’ve been consistent, so all in all, I’d say yes, I’m kicking ass in the blogging department. Yay, me.


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