How to win my heart

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Five ways to win my heart.

When I started looking for a picture to go with this blog, the first thing that came up was:

  1. Buy me food
  2. Make me food
  3. Be food

While I thought that was funny, it’s also rather true. It’s not only the way to a man’s heart that goes through the stomach, you know. You can win my heart by wining and dining me (except I don’t drink wine, so it would be ice tea and feed me). If you’re a good cook yourself, you score more brownie points by cooking for me instead of taking me out to dinner (or doing other domestic tasks, like doing the dishes or vacuuming… Very sexy and very good for brownie points, extra points if you do it in your underwear ;). And if all goes well, I might not mind you being dessert, hehehe.

Another way is paying attention, noticing me and smiling when I catch your eye, complimenting me on my hair or my dress or just the twinkle in my eye, looking at me when I’m telling you something, remembering something I said a while ago, appreciating the things I do. It’s often in the small things that the big brownie points lie.

Way number three: surprise me. Bringing home flowers when there’s no special occasion to celebrate, taking me on an unexpected picnic or adventure, sending me a letter the old-fashioned way, surprise tickle attack or massaging my shoulders when I’m concentrating on something, …

Another big one is being a good friend, lending your shoulder or ear when I need one without judgment, being loyal, making me laugh, having so many things to talk about, but also loving just being in my company without saying a word, being there for me, standing up for me when others put me down, supporting my dreams, even when others might think they’re unrealistic, being silly together, … .

And last, but certainly not least, make time for me. Life can sometimes be hectic and put a lot on your plate, but making room in your busy schedule to spend some quality time with me is a real biggie.

While I am a bit of a material girl, not everything has to be bought. The way to my heart is fairly easy, if you’re willing to put in some effort and time.

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