Highs and lows

Your highs and lows for the month.

I’m going to deviate slightly from the topic today and talk about the experience of writing 30 blogs with imposed topics.

First, being restricted in what I could write about, brought some challenges, especially when the topics were things I had no desire to write about, listing songs and movie titles are not my idea of interesting literature and so to write them went against the grain of my personality. I’ve even contemplated removing those after this challenge ends, but for now I think I’ll leave them as they were part of the experience. On other days I felt those “less interesting topics” were a challenge for my creativity, to write something fun and interesting on a topic I didn’t find interesting to write about. They also brought me the experience of sticking with something till the end, and that the less fun parts are part of the journey too, as is the same with all things in life, especially the things worth pursuing. There will always be less fun parts to every journey, it’s you who decides your attitude and perspective on them.

Of course there were also topics that did inspire me and challenged me to think about how I felt. Topics that gave me a chance to dig inside myself and gave me the opportunity to do some inspired and inspiring writing, like the letter from my future self and what I’d want my imaginary children to learn from me. These were definitely food for thought and I love philosophizing about these deeper meaning questions and ideas. When I’m not totally exhausted, those are the topics I enjoy writing most about, because not only do they make the brain juices flow, the also make the heart flow.

If one thing can be said, I do believe that those who’ve read all of the 30 day challenge blogs, will now know a lot more about me, than they did before, but I’m glad I can go back to being free to write about what I want! So stay tuned, because more Anna-isms are coming up.

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