Grateful for good days

A few days ago I took out the trash -both literally and emotionally- and it felt good, really good. Today I got to sleep in a little and I don’t know if it was a lingering liberation, but I felt extra good when I got up, feeling good about myself, perky, peppy, energetic, happy. I was dancing in the bathroom (if you know my bathroom, you know that’s quite a feat), … I feel like I had a glimpse of the real me again.

The feel-good-day progressed into a really productive day, where distraction was kept at bay and even the sweet tooth temptations were manageable. It was a day where I felt that I’m really on the right track with my life. Part of it is also thanks to the really good chat I had with one of my dearest friends, who helped me put things in perspective too.

Life is good. Today was a great day, I am grateful for this day, many more like this are on their way.

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