Good news today…

I have decided that today is a good day to be a good day. So here are some good newses from my day:

  1. I woke up. Which is good news, because that means I’m still alive and get to choose in what state of mind I decide to spend my day.
  2. My nearly 12-year-old car got through inspection, yay! It’s good to go for another year.
  3. The air had a distinct smell of Spring to it, which put me in an excellent mood.
  4. I got a parking spot close to the office (which according to my health coach is bad, since I don’t get more exercise that way, but for me that’s good, hehehe).
  5. There were leftover sandwiches from a meeting last night, which meant free breakfast and lunch for me, whee!
  6. I learned that Bernie Sanders won in 2 of the 3 states that had primaries yesterday, go Bernie! (this is good news for me, you are free to support whomever you like, except Trump, if you support Trump, we may have a problem)
  7. I had a lot of laughs with colleagues and we solved riddles together (very productive way of spending office time).
  8. I got caught up with work till the beginning of this month (so I’m not eons behind anymore, only centuries now, whoohoo).
  9. I managed to tidy my desk, which created some needed breathing space.
  10. I had a wonderful chat with my mom over the phone and then with my brother and everyone is healthy and safe.
  11. One of my sweet friends posted sweet comments on my blogs, cheering up my day, thanks Carol!
  12. A new episode of my favorite shows came out today.
  13. Technically this one isn’t one for today, but the prospect of it is, so I’m adding it: I get to sleep in tomorrow!

Feel free to share your good newses of the day and let’s fill the world with positive information!

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