Goals, goals, goals

yes you can

What are your goals for the next 30 days?

Seeing how I am running a bit behind on my daily blogging, my first goal is to catch up on blogging and keep up the dailies, but now that the 30-day-blogging-challenge is almost done, it’s back to my own creative self.

Next goal is to recharge my depleted batteries. I have the next 6 days (plus today) off, and I plan on planning nothing, no stress, no things that need to get done, no musts and no deadlines. Lots of sleeping, relaxing, walking in nature, massages, sauna’s, and all that other good stuff that gives me a well deserved break from the chaos.

After that, the goal is to get a reign on the chaos at work, tame that beast and make it orderly and organized again.

On a more personal level, the goal is to focus even more on my health, no more excuses not to go to yoga classes anymore and doing that once a week again, keep adding more fiber to my plate and eating more healthily, which means cooking at least twice a week for myself, and adding fruit and vegetables where I can (snacks, lunch, …). Also keep up with walking after work every day and trying to get to 10.000 steps per day.

I also have new plans to get more regular sleep and make sure I get enough hours of sleep during the night. Better sleep will improve the other areas mentioned above too, so that might become top priority.

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