Friday, Friedday, Freeday, Freedom

Sleeping in

It’s Friday, I’m free.
It’s Friday, I’m fried.
I’m free, I’m fried,
Maybe if I have some fries,
I will become unfried,
and become free to try,
try to free myself of the stress
and enjoy the weekend to its best.

Friends and family in sight,
a promise of sun shining bright.
Lots of sleep and shopping galore,
that’s what weekends are for.
Some much needed time to myself,
putting work and stress on the shelf.
Till Monday comes about and it all starts again,
I have two days to become all zen.

But wait,
this is great.
This Monday
is a holiday!
Another day of rest,
an extra day to nest.
In pajama’s it will be spent,
I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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