Coming together

Queen Mab: What do you plan to do, use your puny swords and axes on me?
Merlin: No, Mab, we’re just going to forget you.
Queen Mab: Merlin? What are you doing?
Merlin: You can’t fight us or frighten us. You’re just… Not important enough anymore. We forget you, Queen Mab.
From the movie ‘Merlin’ -1998

I’ve been debating whether I was going to write this blog, as a) I hate dwelling on the same subject too long and b) I don’t want to give the baddies (I refuse to use the T-word) the satisfaction of knowing they’re still being talked about, but I do want to have this said and then be done with it. Tomorrow I’ll change the subject.

I’m not going to talk about the actual event, I’m going to talk about the effect. And I’m going to talk about it as if I’m saying it directly to them.

Un-dear Baddies,

You aim to create chaos, hatred, discord and fear, but what I see happening time and again after a shock of this magnitude, is quite the opposite. People rebelling against your desired outcome, people coming closer together, uniting where they weren’t giving unity, solidarity or tolerance much thought before. You have now made it personal by not staying far away, but coming into our backyards, disturbing the peace. But instead of cowering in our houses and hating everyone that looks like you, we rally, we become feisty, saying “NO, this is NOT how this story is going to end, you’re an asshole and you’re not welcome to the party anymore. But we’re inviting everyone you’ve offended or hurt to join, because now you’ve made them my family and we’re going to be stronger together and we’re going to make you disappear.”

Not with violence, even though that’s what the governments will probably try to do (we’re working on making them disappear too). We’re going to make you disappear by not giving you another thought, as Merlin did with Queen Mab. We will carry on with our lives as if you don’t exist, we will forget you and we will still manage to live happily ever after. We will have more neighborhood barbecues, we will build a bigger community until the whole world is one big family, and we will stand together, joining hands and whispering ‘Love, Peace, Hope, Kindness, Compassion, Co-existence, Respect’, until the white noise our whispers create drowns you out completely. We will not hear you anymore, because we’re too busy living happy, fulfilling, peaceful and joyful lives and you’ll be nothing more to us than a sulking kid that didn’t get their candy, we will ignore you and you’ll eventually get over it.

So thank you, for speeding up the process to bring this world together, for connecting people on a scale that would otherwise take years to accomplish. Thank you for bringing about a wind of change that you didn’t intend, but that is blowing none the less. You’re a dying breed and soon you will become even more extinct than the dinosaurs, because we will not even dignify you with a mention in our history books. We will simply forget you and think back with incredulity on how unevolved we once used to be.

And that is the last thing I have to say about you. Now do us all a favor: give it up and go home. Go hug your family and let it go. And if you’re really good boys, maybe next time you will get some candy too.


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