Appreciating quality

In times of stress, it’s often hard for me to remember that I have good qualities too, so while trying not to come across arrogant or self-important (although whoever decided that having a positive image of yourself or speak highly of yourself was a bad thing, must have some serious personal issues), here’s some off the top of my weary head:

  • I’m a good driver
  • I can be pretty creative in the kitchen, baking- or cookingwise
  • I can turn any house into a home
  • I’m an emphatic and compassionate person
  • I’m capable of entertaining thoughts without accepting them (apparently the mark of an educated person)
  • I have yuuuuuge imagination
  • I’m great in bed, I can sleep for days!
  • I’m a pretty good dancer and have a more than decent singing voice
  • I’m highly intelligent
  • I’m very good at creating order in chaos
  • I’m kind and generous
  • I’m funny (some people may disagree, but hey, this is my opinion of me, you have the right to your own)
  • I am prone to see the positive in everything
  • I’m good at looking at things from different perspectives
  • I’m curious by nature and a fast learner

Hope you enjoyed the list, feel free to agree or disagree and if you feel in a rut, I highly recommend making your own (about yourself, I mean).

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