A little bit of tenderness

hand in hand

Something that you miss.

I try not to look at the things I miss too much and instead prefer to be thankful for the things I do have. I also deliberated whether I would choose something more ‘trivial’, like “I miss traveling” or since it’s allergy season “I miss being able to breathe properly” (very trivial stuff, you know), but there’s something I miss more than that. What can you miss more than breathing, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

People say when you are able to love yourself, you don’t need someone else to do it for you. And while that may be true, and while I can give myself a lot, I can’t snuggle myself in bed in the morning, I can smile at myself in the mirror, but to see myself in someone else’s eyes is not something a mirror can replicate, I can weave my fingers while I’m walking, but it’s not quite the same as weaving them through somebody else’s, I can kiss my hand or the mirror, but it’s not quite the same as feeling the touch of another pair of lips.

I lead a good life and I’m working on making it a great one and I hope that some day I will meet the right guy, but for now… that’s what I miss, the little things. I can plan travel on my own, I can choose to relax on the couch and read a book if I want to, I can go to the store and buy the food or items that I miss, I can buy medicine to breathe freely again, but the little things are not something I can buy or have control over. All I can do is continue on my path and keep moving forward so that I get to where our paths meet and I can have the little things too.

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