A fond farewell..

Dearly beloved,

we are gathered here today to say a fond farewell to Anna’s old website. After years of slumber, it was finally went on an adventure for 44 days, living a full life of joy and wonder, before the accident took its life. I will miss it dearly, but know that I will continue in its footsteps to honor the legacy it sadly wasn’t able to leave behind.

We reveled in the humor and at times sat in awe of its wisdom, smiling when whimsy took over and feeling deeply moved when things got personal. We shall carry those stories in our hearts. They may be lost, but never forgotten.

Thank you, old website, for having been patient with me for all these years, till I finally found the courage to breathe life into you and taking you on that adventure. I’m truly sorry that that last adventure cost you your life. I promise I will learn from this experience and become a better person. I will not let our readers down and will continue to shine your light and mine.

Rest in peace, old friend.


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