A few of my favorite things…

my favorite thingsWhenever dark things happen in the world or in my personal world, it’s easy to lose track of the things that brighten it, the things that make me feel good, that light a little spark of happiness. I was reminded of this, when I recently heard the “Favorite things”-song from the Sound of Music and then yesterday, when I was out with my brother, the question rose again. What are the things that make me happy? It really took a while to remember, but gradually it’s coming back to me and while I’m not a fan of “list-blogs”, I thought I’d share them with you and maybe, you -my readers- are reminded in darker times that there still are good things in life too. So here goes.

  • going for long walks in Nature’s beauty
  • capturing beauty on (digital) film
  • the scent of lilacs and jasmine
  • dancing to good music
  • spending quality time with those who are near and dear to me
  • being silly with my friends
  • traveling and exploring/discovering the world
  • sleeping in
  • snuggling in bed/on the couch
  • walking hand in hand
  • letting my imagination off the leash and dreaming up the wildest stories
  • reading a good book by the fireplace
  • fresh mint tea
  • letting the wind blow the dust and cobwebs out of my head
  • watching the sunset on the beach and then listening to the waves with the stars in the sky
  • meeting (new) people who are my kind of weird
  • interior design and interior decorating
  • solving problems and untangling mysteries
  • writing (starting is like dragging a cat to the vet, but once I’ve written something that I feel really good about, it’s a natural high)
  • inspiring people, sharing some wisdom that might help them with their struggle, offering different perspectives, making other people laugh
  • relaxing massages
  • Sticky Fingers BBQ burgers
  • talking the night away on philosophical and nonsensical topics
  • satisfying my curiosity

I’m sure there are many more things that make me happy, but this list is a good start. Feel free to share some of your favorite things. Do you like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens? Or are you more a red wine in tumblers and whiskey on the rocks kind of person? A curious person wants to know!



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