A day in the life of Anna

Bullet-point your whole day.

  • Got up
  • Lounged on the couch a bit while listening to the work men next door being goofy
  • Went into work on my day off to prepare some work for a course tomorrow
  • Talked to some colleagues and had a few laughs
  • Did the tour of the hospital (I work for the Faculty of Medicine, which is conveniently next to the hospital, so it was work-related, not sick (except for allergies))
  • Went to the cafeteria in search for food, to strengthen myself before crawling under my desk to connect cables
  • Prepared 6 laptops for the course tomorrow
  • Dashed out, knowing I was running late to meet a friend
  • Got held up by the cleaning lady who’s a very social person, always in for a chat
  • Flew home to collect things and do a speedy make up touch up
  • Picked friend up and went to the movies (The Jungle Book, I liked it, great voice actors, wonderful CGI)
  • Walked through town and looked for shelter from the rain in a bar where we had fresh mint tea
  • Went over to friend’s place to borrow cereal for my breakfast tomorrow
  • Went to get my car and drove home
  • Got ready for bed
  • Wrote this blog
  • Went to bed
  • Good night!

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