10 things that make me really happy

New month, new challenge. It’s another 30 day writing challenge, but this time, the daily topics are predetermined. Today’s assignment is to list 10 things that make me really happy, so here goes!

  1. Ice cream! I can eat ice cream any season, any day.
  2. Spring. Watching nature come to life again and the earth getting some color on its cheeks is one of my favorite things.
  3. Kittens. I mean, who doesn’t get an instant endorphin boost from watching tiny kittens? Or basically most of the baby mammals, when they do cute stuff.
  4. Writing. No matter how tired or uninspired I feel, no matter how much the darkness comes over me, writing somehow lifts my spirits every time, once I could distance myself from what others would think of it.
  5. NCIS New Orleans. While I love Mark Harmon too, NCIS New Orleans really tugs at my heart strings: the scenery, the homely feeling of the team, the mystery solving, …
  6. Kindred spirits/friends. I have been very lucky in the kindred spirit department, finding ways to connect with them all around the world.
  7. Traveling. Seeing new places, meeting interesting people, collecting wonderful experiences, …
  8. Lazy Sundays. Those days where there are no obligations or plans, lingering in bed even after I was well and truly awake, wearing pj’s all day and just do what I feel like.
  9. Hugs. Hugs given with the right intention are awesome!
  10. Love. This leans to the kindred spirits one, love in all it’s many splendid forms makes me really happy.

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