Learning the hard way


Write about a lesson you’ve learned the hard way.

Being a pretty stubborn person, there are a lot of things I learned the hard way, hehehe, but today I want to talk about that time I learned to have more faith in the Universe.

About 10 years ago, I was living in an apartment in the center of the city. I wanted to move more out of the city and if possible to a little house. I had given my notice and had 3 months to find a new place. Time was creeping on and I wasn’t finding anything I liked. I even posted an ad describing what I was looking for, but got no response to it for weeks.

When there was less than a month left, I got scared and started to doubt my manifestation skills. When I looked at an apartment, I knew it wasn’t for me: I wasn’t allowed to paint the walls, the kitchen looked bad, the place looked old and not in the sort of neighborhood I was looking into. On top of that, the people renting the place were basically twisting my arm to sign the contract there and then instead of going home to think about it. I let my imagination try to figure out how I could make a home out of a place I didn’t like For fear of becoming homeless, I did sign the contract there.

A week later, someone called me who saw my ad in the papers and needed someone to take over his contract, since he was moving in with his girlfriend. He was living in a small 2 bedroom house in the countryside. I went to look at it and it was everything I wanted. It wasn’t perfect, but this I could see myself living in. So I called the apartment renters and explained to them that I had found what I was looking for and if I could please get out of their contract. Breach of contract means you have to pay the rent for 6 months. They promised that if they could find a new renter, I wouldn’t have to pay the full 6 months, but I guess they either weren’t able to sucker anyone else into renting it or they lied to me, because that lapse of faith cost me 6 months of paying double rent (one for my house and one for the apartment I never lived in).

But I’ve been living happily in that house for the past 10 years, so in the end, it was worth it.

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